Valentin Blot (University of Bath), Hybrid realizability for intuitionistic and classical choice



In intuitionistic realizability like Kleene's or Kreisel's, the axiom of choice is trivially realized. It is even provable in Martin-L\"of's intuitionistic type theory. In classical logic, however, even the weaker axiom of countable choice proves the existence of non-computable functions. This logical strength comes at the price of a complicated computational interpretation which involves strong recursion schemes like bar recursion. We take the best from both worlds and define a realizability model for arithmetic and the axiom of choice which encompasses both intuitionistic and classical reasoning. In this model two versions of the axiom of choice can co-exist in a single proof: intuitionistic choice and classical countable choice. We interpret intuitionistic choice efficiently, however its premise cannot come from classical reasoning. Conversely, our version of classical choice is valid in full classical logic, but it is restricted to the countable case and its realizer involves bar recursion. Having both versions allows us to obtain efficient extracted programs while keeping the provability strength of classical logic.