Emmanuel Beffara (Univ. Grenoble Alpes), Concurrent Realizability on Conjunctive Structures



This work aims at exploring the algebraic structure of concurrent processes and their behavior independently of a particular formalism used to define them. We propose a new algebraic structure called conjunctive involutive monoidal algebra (CIMA) as a basis for an algebraic presentation of concurrent realizability, following ideas of the algebrization program already developed in the realm of classical and intuitionistic realizability. In particular, we show how any CIMA provides a sound interpretation of multiplicative linear logic. This new structure involves, in addition to the tensor and the orthogonal map, a parallel composition. We define a reference model of this structure as induced by a standard process calculus and we use this model to prove that parallel composition cannot be defined from the conjunctive structure alone.

This is joint work with Félix Castro, Mauricio Guillermo and Étienne Miquey