Monthly “CHoCoLa” meetings
Curry-Howard: Logic and Computation


Following on those organized by the ANR project CHoCo, we set up monthly meetings in Lyon with the aim of gathering a community (French in particular) around the domain of logic and computation. Each day will be structured around a few talks, with long breaks leaving space for informal discussions. Particular attention is given to the participation of graduate students.

For instance, represented topics will likely include: logics, computation, semantics, curry-Howard, rewriting, chocolate, concurrency, realizability, type theory, implicit computational complexity, typing, proofs…


The meetings are organized one thursday per month for a full day at ENS Lyon. A typical programme consists in three rather long talks (between one and two hours each), from 10:30 to 17:00. Travel expenses for participants registered in advance on the registration system will be fully funded by the organizers of the meetings. Lunches are provided.


Les rencontres ont lieu à l'ENS Lyon, site Monod, là où se trouve l'équipe Plume du laboratoire LIP. Les exposés sont en général dans l'Amphithéâtre B, au troisième étage. Pour plus d'information sur l'accès à l'ENS Lyon, voir la page d'information du LIP ou celle de l'ENS Lyon.

Mailing list

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For more information, you may contact one of the local correspondents:

If your site does not have a natural correspondent above, do not hesitate to contact one of the people in Lyon.